See Microsoft? – THIS is innovation…


Light Peak.

Even the name sounds great and it seems that Apple first brought this to Intel.

It’s obviously has Apple’s stamp all over it, even the name sounds cool. If Intel had come up with this it would be called something like “cable no. XP13745G”.

Put simply, it’s a ‘super-hyper-OMGthatisfast’ connection technology that achieves speeds of up to 10Gps. That’s faster than Ethernet Firewire, USB and even monitor connections, and it maintains that speed over 100 metres.

Imagine your Mac with a simple, single connection technology that can be used for everything. As a side effect it means that your mobile device of choice will get smaller as well. And expect this on your Mac next near, with a low-power version a year later.

Apple brought this to Intel in 2007. Almost 3 years ago.

Why don’t we see Microsoft do this? It’s because they are happy with the way things are. Stagnant, unchanging. Innovation to them means dominating markets with inferior, me-too technology that fools just enough people so that they get it anointed a ‘standard’.

Apple on the other hand actually want things to change; they want things to get better, simpler, less complicated and easier FOR EVERYONE to use (assuming that this will be available for Windows PC’s also).

The hardware manufacturers want things to get cheaper, and, well… that’s about it.

Light Peak is a perfect example of this. I’m reminded of the first iMac commercial with the Bondi Blue iMac contrasting the morass of cables from the beige PC. It seems that that dream, although partly true at the time, is seeing it’s logical conclusion.


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