Every superhero has an Achilles heel…


Like any superhero the Mighty Mouse has an achilles heel.Recently, the company I work for moved premises, and we all now have a shiny new open plan office.The studio didn’t take long to set-up again, and we were up and running in about 2 days, but one thing was a problem.Every Mac (and a few PC’s), have Apple’s Mighty Mouse and no matter what we did, they wouldn’t work correctly.The mouse could only be used as a single button mouse, right clikcing didn’t work at all.After stumbling around for a solution I came across this article at Macintouch:Mighty Mouse: Problems(Posted using ShareThis)It seems that the Mighty Mouse is sensitive to radio waves and non-grounded electrical fields and sure enough, when we took the mouse over to the other side of the office (a mere 30 feet or so), it worked fine.If you touch the top of your Mac (a PPC G5), it grounds you and the mouse works fine also.So what’s the solution? Well there isn’t one – I now use an old Macally mouse and because it doesn’t use a touch sensitive approach, it works fine.The Mighty Mouse has been relagated to home use only and performs as normal.There’s a rumour that Apple is about to release new mice that are totally touch enabled – let’s hope that they sort this problem out first.


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