FM tuner done the Apple way…


Steve, you genius…
Apple – iPod nano – FM Radio – Listen to the radio in a new way.Posted using ShareThisSo it’s over. Steve looked fine, new iTunes, new Touch, new Shuffle, new Nano, iTunes LP, blah, blah, FM tuner, blah, iTunes at 70-odd%, Microsoft at 1% (silent laughter), blah, blah, no Apple TV.Or iTabletslatepad.Wait a minute – FM tuner?How can you get excited about an FM tuner? the one thing that you would have bet your Mac that would never be in an iPod?Ah, with an Apple twist – you can pause live radio and tag songs for later purchase in iTunes.Steve, you bloody genius. Now you see why it’s never been a feature until now, until Apple made it actually useful.I will probably buy it just for that feature, but it’s US-only – for now.Queue the articles about Steve’s health in 3, 2, 1…


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