Sony Walkman outsells iPod?

Media_httpgagravaarwo_vnsrx News<sarcasm>OMG! Apple is dying! What more evidence do you need? The Zune can’t be far behind!Before anyone sells all their Apple shares, let me point out that this ‘survey’ conveniently leaves out iPhone sales.Ah, you say – the iPhone isn’t an iPod? Well all you naysayers, take a look at the iPhone default home screen.See that little orange icon? It says ‘iPod’.I.P.O.D.What’s next? When Apple on September 9th, announces that the iPod loses it’s click wheel and goes all ‘touch’, by this articles rules, there won’t be any more iPods.Hooray! The Zune outsells the iPod at last!</sarcasm>Posted using ShareThis


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