Netcasts you love, from people you trust?


I’ve been irked of late with ‘This Week in Tech’ (TWIT), hosted by Leo Laporte.

One or 2 podcasts in the past have stretched my patience in terms of his attitude towards Apple.

On a recent ‘MacBreak Weekly’, we had a mixture of guests and one who was a self confessed ‘Mac-hater’. (All for impartiality of course).

The Mac users on the show spent some of their time, defending their platform of choice, whilst the hater piled on the sarcasm – not what I want from a Mac-centered podcast.

Maybe that’s why Scott Bourne has not been a contributor recently, he has on occasion been audibly frustrated with Leo’s obvious bias towards Windows.

Now, I know that Leo has to remain impartial, and sometimes my Mac-bias buffets up to that and some comments I can take the wrong way.

That’s why I continue listening.

However episode 210 of TWIT, I’ve just listened to has really pissed me off.

The 1st article was about Snow Leopard. Leo’s general attitude is that it contains nothing of merit, and people shouldn’t bother.

He accused Apple of a marketing ploy, selling to their users ‘a service pack’ that should have been free.

He generalised over the ‘features’, comparing it to WindowsMe.

Just before I listened to this podcast I read the incredibly detailed Ars review on Snow Leopard. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t understand some of it, please slog through every page.

After digesting it all, you’ll then begin to understand the anger I feel. Snow Leopard is not an ‘service pack’ and it’s certainly worth the asking price.

I don’t think Leo had any right to say the things he said about Snow Leopard, without doing some research first, and it’s this aspect that shows what a radio-hack he is.

No research, misleading commentary, seemingly biased is not what I want to listen to anymore.

His parting comments were that he would get a roasting from the Mac-fanboys on MacBreak Weekly that week.

So, like a good little fanboy, I’ve sent TWIT an email, simply stating the following:

Can you please visit, read and digest the Ars review on Snow Leopard, before you complete the MacBreakWeekly podcast.

You’ll then begin to realise how badly researched you comments were on episode 210 of TWIT. I’ll then expect a retraction of your comments on MBW and the following TWIT.

Yours, a Macfanboy.

I’m not holding my breath, and being a Macfanboy, my opinion isn’t worth shit anyway.

At least I read an article from an expert though, before I made any comment on Snow Leopard, which is more than ‘The people we can trust”.



  1. andyb

    I believe Leo prefers Macs & OSX over PCs/Windows.
    I have used windows for many years and have experienced the frustration of dealing with windows various issues. I got into Mac via iPod. Now I’ve completely switched over to Macs and I LOVE how much fewer problems I have with Macs and love current MacBook.
    I rushed-out and got SnowLeopard on the day it came-out and was anticipating great things. I even called two friends whom I have switched-over to macs and encouraged them to get SnowLeopard. However, like Leo, I was disappointed with the lack of obvious improvement from before. I do notice that it is ever so slightly faster if I pay attention. Of course I understand that the changes were for the most part “under the hood” as they say. Which are needed to the be the foundation for future improvements. In the end, I’m glad I upgraded, but I was disappointed by the fact that it doesn’t live-up to the hype that had built-up my expectations.

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