Mobile is me…


After much deliberation, I decided to purchase MobileMe.

I was going to purchase it almost immediately, however if you are a follower of all things Apple, you can’t blame me for holding of for a while.

It has to be one of the dark days at Apple, that they allow a product to ship that quite clearly wasn’t ready for primetime.

So I followed the news for a while and saw that the number of complaints fell to an acceptable level, so I decided to jump in, after years of kicking the tyres.

I’ll come to my experiences in using MobileMe in another post; the reason for this post, is to point out the rocky road I myself had to travel, even before I started using Apple’s Cloud.

I decided to purchase the boxed version of MobileMe from a local Apple reseller in Nottingham in the UK. I won’t mention their name, however the name has 4 letters of the alphabet in it and begins with K. If you’re from the UK, you’ll know who I mean.

I wanted the boxed version as it was going to be a present from my wife for my birthday.

So we travelled to Nottingham and tried to purchase the boxed version of MobileMe. Now, it’s here I made my first mistake. The salesperson said that they could sell me a boxed copy of .Mac (the last one in the shop apparently!) for £10 cheaper than MobileMe.

He assured me that everything would work OK, the serial number was the same for both services.

I fell for it, and made my purchase.

Upon opening on my birthday, I visited the MobileMe code activation page and entered my code.

Oh dear. It didn’t work. It kept on coming up with the message, ‘That could has already been used.”

Now, I gave the salesperson the benefit of the doubt. I had heard that there had been a few problems in transferring .Mac accounts to MobileMe, so I called the reseller to give me some guidance.

Well, they were no help. The advice was, “Not our problem, this happened to me, don’t worry, you just need to call AppleCare, here’s the number.”

So, unperturbed, I called AppleCare. I got in touch with a very nice young lady who was no help whatsoever. The told me to goto the help pages at MobileMe and use the ‘chat’ service there.

So, again I launched the chat service and here’s where I actually got some of the amazing Apple service I heard so much about.

Within a few seconds a very helpful person was taking my complaint down, and a few minutes of checking told me what the problem was.

The account had been activated 305 days ago and was already active.

Now, they said they usually tell people to take it back to the Applestore for a full refund, but in this case, they’d give me a new code for free. A few minutes later my account was activated and syncing.

Great service at last.

So the question arises, are KRCS (damn! named them – whoops!) selling copies of .Mac they’ve already sold to someone else (when they set up a Mac for a customer maybe?)

I don’t know for sure, but it sure smells fishy to me.

I have always advocated that you should look after the little guy’s business, but in future, I’ll be visiting Sheffield Apple Store.


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