I didn’t buy an iPhone…


Well not quite. In the end I bought, in my opinion, the next best thing – the iPod Touch.AND I CANT PUT THE THING DOWN!Seriously, it’s glued to my hand and I can not stop surfing the net, looking at photos, reading ebooks (using the excellent application, Stanza, checking my email and last, but not least, posting on WordPress.Most, if not all, Apple products are a joy to use, but this device is incredible.I cannot understand what problem people have with the keyboard, as I’ve picked it up fine. I’m typing pretty quicky and making few mistakes, certainly no more than I would on a normal keyboard.It’s not often that using a piece of technology actually makes you smile, and indeed, I actually laughed a couple of times because the GUI is so smooth, so refined, so perfect that you cannot believe that technology could be this good, this cool, this wonderful to use.Surfing the net is a revelation. The clicking, zooming in, the speed is great. I’ve found myself not even using my main Mac for surfing or email, it’s just so simple to just pluck it out your pocket and quickly surf and go.And I haven’t even played any games yet.It has really surprised me what a game changer the touch platform is, and it is a platform, make no mistake.The touch has become my platform of choice for surfing, email, viewing photos and reading, with my 30gb iPod being primarily for music and podcasts and my little shuffle for the gym.I cannot wait to see what Apple do next with this, an iPod tablet device, an iPod camera with iPhoto touch, the possibilities are endless.Are there any negatives? Not really, even copy and paste doesn’t seem necessary, but Steve’s onto a winner here.


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