Bill Gates – we sincerely thank you…

I’ve written before of my total respect for Bill Gates, and I have tried to pass off his final curtain with the comments that it deserve (i.e. none), but upon seeing the total boot kissing, arse-licking, and circle jerk-fest that the media (including my beloved BBC) have foisted upon the world, I tried to put into words my feelings on the subject.

But I couldn’t, I’ve more important things to do, like have my sinuses painfully drained.

It’s a good thing then that Rixstep have posted thoughts that are inside me somewhere, but lack the time and effort to bubble to the surface.

Take a good long look at their ‘Despised by Millions” piece, it’s one of the best synopsis’s I’ve ever read on the contribution that scummy little geek has made to the computing industry, and the next time you see an article on how we should all be thankful for everything he’s done to for us over the years, simply post a link to this article.

It’s a pity we can’t grab PC user’s heads and force them to read it all the way through however.


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