Hate my employer, but love my job…


A recent post on Slashdot highlights the fact that Apple’s wage structure is lower than that of say, Yahoo or Google, and to avoid a brain-drain, they need to compensate their staff now that there’s cash in the bank.Now, while I can’t comment on the wage at Apple and whether it is a fair one, it seems that a point is being missed.The wage that I get paid isn’t bad, but sometimes, after being given ‘another’ direct mail campaign to organise, in a timeframe that would make lesser mortals cower in the corner in panic, I sometimes admit to myself that I hate the company I work for, and if I had a choice I would work for someone else – indeed, I’m always on the look-out, and have been all the way through my career.But, in this search, money is not my prime concern. Obviously I want a living wage, but I would rather be happy, than earn an astronomical wage. But what makes me happy? – using Apple technology.I say that without a hint of irony – the only thing that motivates me in my current position, is that although my job is difficult, stressful and annoying almost all of the time, I enjoy and am happy in using the Macintosh every day.The thought of doing the same job with Windows? I would be practically suicidal, because it wouldn’t be possible to produce the output I currently do – and remember: I use Windows & Mac everyday, I know both platforms.That’s something that’s difficult to get across to Windows users – I actually like doing the work that I do, even if it stressful and means working 16 hour days sometimes, because Apple technology makes me smile; it works, it’s reliable and needs minimum configuration.I had a Windows users, who passing through my department said of us, “Your one of those b*st*rds who enjoy their job, aren’t you?”.I have 2 Windows computers in my department, and they have a support call almost every other day. Printing doesn’t work, can’t access the network – the list is endless. That’s why they’re not used for deadline-based, mission critical work – I (or our IT) spend more time fixing them than using them.So coming back to that Slashdot article, it seems to me the reason why Apple’s employees are not leaving en masse for more money, is maybe because actually enjoying their job, using Apple technology day-in, day-out, is more important to them than chasing a few more dollars.


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