And the penny drops…

Or rather the sprout does.

SproutCore is the name for Apple’s open source, platform-independent, Cocoa-inspired JavaScript framework for creating web applications that look and feel like Desktop applications.

Note the most pertinent part of that sentence: platform-independent, Cocoa-inspired.

Effectively – Cocoa for Windows.

Cocoa for Windows is something that’s been rumoured to exist at Apple, ever since it was mentioned (but apparently shelved), almost 10 years ago when Apple first bought Next, the fore-runner to Mac OS X.

Obviously someone’s been working on it.

The penny has dropped, because in a recent posting I wondered why Apple was devoting so many man-hours to Safari.

SproutCore will work in any java-compliant browser, but in order for Apple to make sure that this support continues, Safari for Windows has to exist.

However the vigour with which Apple pursues Safari for Windows (and MobileMe for that matter) seems to me to indicate that greater things are afoot and with SproutCore, we’re beginning to see maybe what those things are planned to be.


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