My god, these people still exist..?


Live with it: Mac is not the greatestOh dear, I thought we’d already discussed this a million times on every forum in the known universe.The public has spoken, and they want Mac’s, not PC’s – live with it.I thought that people like this would just, y’know, go back to their server rooms or something, but it seems that every now and again, between chocolate bars, squeezing spots and the hosing down and reinstallation of Windows, they post flame-bait like this.They can say anything they like, because they are journalists with a PC-bias, and we are just Mac-users who just want to tell everyone that there’s a better way.We can’t say anything in¬†retaliation because if we dare to speak up, we’re pigeonholed as blind cult followers.All those stories you hear about Windows users switching to Mac and then wondering why they didn’t do it years ago, well that’s just lies put about by these ‘weird’ Mac people.But you can’t win with situations like this, so I suggest to everyone that please, please, please when the next Windows-spod pokes his head from around the server-room door, and tries to convince you that all these Macs are a waste of time and you ought to be on Windows, just ignore him.Please don’t reply to his article, even if it’s well meaning – he’ll just use it as ammunition against us.If you want to post a retort, then start your own blog if you have to so you don’t give him the traffic that he most sorely needs.In another few years these people will quieten down, after the people they work for/with start bringing in iPhones, and telling everyone they’ve just bought a Mac as well, and that they’d wished they’d done it years ago.


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