OK, now Me is interested…


I’ve signed-up to the free trial now 3 times in as many years.

Every time I read about it online I think to myself, “that sounds good, and very useful, let’s give it a go.”

Every time I fully expect that I’ll put down my £60 and subscribe properly for a year, instead of just kicking the tyres.

But I don’t. I sign up for the free trial, take a good look around, try out a couple of things and just let it fizzle away to nothing.

What puts me off?

Well certainly not the cost. £60 for what you get is very reasonable, although you can duplicate a lot of it for free.

It seems to come down to me I think. I’m just not that well organised digitally, and a lot of what you can do with .Mac takes a certain amount of organisation and effort in terms of figuring out how to do things. I guess I’m just lazy.

But, now an iPhone is on my horizon (it’s still blurry and a way off, but it is there), .Mac seems to make more sense.

So I signed up again, and took a look at the iPhoto integration, and was very impressed.

No, scratch that – I actually verbalised a ‘wow’.

I know this has been around for a while, but posting a web gallery from within iPhoto to .Mac just blew me away.

I then started to play around with iWeb, and could see the potential there as well.

Actually, and really for the first time, I started to get it, I’ve started to see how .Mac can be part of my life.


But now we have ‘MobileMe’.

Not the best name ever, but I didn’t like ‘MacBook’ when I first heard it, and now it seems the most perfectly natural phrase.

Push services, full integration with iPhone, and much, much more for the same price as before, this is the icing on the cake.

It’d be nice if ‘Back To My Mac’ would just friggin’ work though.


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