OK, now I’m interested…


A while back I posted a piece that talked about the things that would have to happen in order for me to part with my hard earned cash and buy an iPhone.Y’see I’ve used Mac’s for years. I’ve also used PC’s for years but, like any sane person who has to use both, side-by-side, day-by-day, I will always choose the Mac.Apple’s products just have that certain something, the fit, the finish, the attention to detail, the tight integration – Apple products really do ‘just work’.However I couldn’t bring myself to buy an iPhone.Now, I’d like to I think it’s more to do with my aversion to smartphones, but even I could not bring myself to be wowed with iPhone version 1.0.Too expensive, missing features, too restrictive (1 carrier), the list is a long one, and my god, I almost sound like a Windows apologist.But, unless you’ve vacationed on Mars, you’ll notice that WWDC has just occured and Apple have released iPhone 2.0 – has my opinion of the iPhone changed? Kind of…In my last article, I put forward a number of desires, that if satisfied, would result in me buying the GodPhone. 1) It’s not a smartphone. I don’t want or need to carry my life in my pocket, I have a brain for that. It’s still a smartphone, so not a good start. However I’m seeing that Apple are making the iPhone a platform (along with the Mac & Music), so I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet on this one.2) Touchscreen? I think it would have to have this. Along with the above – it’s a platform with the touchscreen at its centre.3)  Camera? Not really important, but OK let’s include it (2-3MP is fine), with the ability to download these pics to iPhoto as well.An increase in MP’s would have been nice, but with MobileMe, iPhoto integration is a given.4) Address book, contacts and notes that sync up (via Bluetooth) with Address Book, iCal & Stickies. This syncing is 2-way, so the phone must have the ability to input simple info. (Should be fun on the small screen, but that’s why I said simple).MobileMe is the future here.5) Email? Not interested. Life is stressful enough.It’s still here – I’ll live with the stress.6) Internet? Not practical on such a small screen, don’t want it anyway.Not really applicable, but it’s nice to have, and at 3G speeds too.7) Unbelievable, incredible, game-changing battery life – we’re talking weeks here, not days.A pipe dream, but battery life has been increased. Gotta love the state-of-the-art OS at the iPhone’s heart here.8) It must look exactly like the old iPod Nano, black, with a black screen.A shame. I don’t think I’ll ever see this.9) I am morally and spiritually against contract phones – it must be pay as you go.And here we have our answer. Pay-as-you-go is now an option.O2 have yet to release the pricing (pricing is announced tomorrow), but this is the reason I will be purchasing the iPhone on July 11th (or some time soon thereafter).I’d expect about £269, I’m hoping for £199. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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