Apparently, we’re weird because we like computers to look nice…



Apparently, we’re weird because we like computers to look nice…Link: I’m going to write about people who I completely misunderstand.This recent posting postulates the question, “Mac users don’t like others touching their stuff.”The reasoning behind it is that because we pay so much (apparently) for our kit, we don’t like other people using it and supposedly breaking it.But, as usual PC pundits fail to see the wider issue.It’s because I don’t want ignorant PC users who see technology as a useless commodity, covered in stickers, touching my pristine Mac’s/iPod’s/iPhone.It’s got nothing to do with how much I paid for it, it’s to do with the way in which Windows users treat their technology.If I get another PC user coming up to my flawlessly clean LCD screen and smudge it with his or her greasy finger, I’ll scream.I walk through our Windows IT department daily and see ugly tin boxes, covered in dust, stickers, pen marks, yesterday’s lunch wrappers and worse.When the electrician’s come to my company and test all the electrical equipment, they have to put an ugly ‘tested’ sticker on everything. PC users are quite happy to have this sticker anywhere on their PC, I have almost punched said electrician for considering to stick it on the ‘front’ of my G5 Tower.I had to loan a little iBook to a PC user once, I received it back a month later and it was filthy, and had what looked like jam on the LCD screen. I actually felt sorry for the poor thing and spent over an hour giving it a good clean.PC users don’t care. PC users pay next to nothing for basement-spec PC’s. PC users think nothing of the hardware.Am I weird? Probably, but I have to work with these computers all day, and I also have to be creatively active at a moments notice.I, like most creative people realise that ideas best surface in a clean, ordered environment, where the equipment I use has had time spent on it’s look and feel (both hardware and software).This is why we don’t like PC users, ‘using’ our equipment – they just don’t think that this is important. 


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