So Microsoft shills have found another anti-Apple story…



Climate Counts does 10 minutes research.One of Microsoft PR’s stories finds a clueless journalist.You know, it astounds me sometimes the lengths to which Microsoft’s PR arm will go to planting stories that slowly chip away at Apple rise to dominance.Climate Counts have done 10 minutes research and looked around on the internet to see if Apple is leading the fight in saving the climate.Despite the fact that Apple make 4-6% of the world’s computers, and therefore they’re impact is quite minimal, and the fact that if Apple led the way it would  seriously impact on they’re ability to actually be a successful company that made profits and therefore stayed solvent, the amount of headlines they create far exceeds their size, so the bright lights are shone upon them more often.For the record, Microsoft did better (marginally), but that because (obviously) they in the main make software, not hardware.But the story from Computerworld is the culmination of a series of phone calls that started in Redmond, through their PR agency, which ends up with a weblink ending up in someone’s inbox, which then turns into a ‘newstory’.I work in PR, I know how this works. We plant ‘stories’ all the time with newspapers to the detriment of our competitors. Some are picked up by clueless journalists, some don’t. It costs us nothing either way.I don’t blame Climate Counts, they are a pointless agency who seriously think that pieces of paper which show what a company is ‘trying’ or ‘aiming’ to do about climate change, will somehow help the climate.The only thing that will help climate change are difficult and serious discussions with countries like China, Russia the USA (amongst many others), whose ignorance about global warming is damaging the planet, and people like you and me, who will have to stop travelling by plane and give up our cars for good.Well we ‘aint ‘gonna do that are we? I need my car for work, and I deserve to spend 2 hours on a plane once a year for a well earned rest.But I digress. I care about the planet, people who write anti-Apple, Microsoft sponsored drivel under the guise that they care about the planet is in very poor taste. P.S.Expect an informative and insightful take up of this ‘story’ from the ‘totally impartial and not at all a 1997-based, Microsoft-loving, Apple-hating’ tech-writer, Jack Schofield at the Guardian’s tech blogs in the next few days… 


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