A thought about Psystar…


Hold on a minute… what about security updates? Supposedly, in order to stop Apple from ‘bricking’ these Frankenmac’s, the Mac’s software update has been disabled by Psystar.Now Psystar say that any updates from Apple will (presumably after alterations by Psystar) be posted on their support site.Updates from Apple that correct bugs and add features are one thing, a user can live without these if needs be, but what about security updates?Security updates usually come from Apple as separate entities, can we be certain that Psystar will a) be actually be able to offer them and b) after altering them to suit the specific hardware that Psystar is offering will they work effectively?Apple has teams of engineer’s who know the hardware intimately, Psystar has, by all accounts, a unnamed brother.Do you feel secure? I wouldn’t.It’s gonna be a headache for Psystar, but I feel that they just won’t bother, all they want is your money.But what does this mean in the long term?Let’s say that Apple does nothing (they’ve done nothing so far).Let’s say that Psystar’s Mac’s are a great success and sell by the boatload.Let’s say that a really bad security vulnerability appears and Apple, as it’s duty permits, releases a security update.This security update may also have code in it that brick’s Psystar’s Mac’s. Psystar then takes this update, examines it and somehow strips out the ‘bricking’ part. I don’t even know if this is possible, I’m not a programmer.Even if they could, it’s going to take them a while to do this. All the time, the FrankenMac’s are vulnerable, and this happens, time, and time again. Apple releases dozens of security updates a year.It’ll be too painful to update, and it’s not automatic so users just won’t bother.This means that there will be a sizable proportion of Mac’s that are wide open to attack to malware & virus writers and Apple will be able to do nothing about it – it’s Psystar’s problem.However, running the Mac OSX, Psystar’s problem IS Apple’s problem.Psystar’s Mac’s will be the insecure bastard brother of the true Macintosh.I think it’s very irresponsible of Psystar to potentially make the Mac-platform a target for virus-writers, simply just to chase a cheap buck.Thinking this through – Apple, you really need to do something NOW, before this gets out of hand.


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