Microsoft PlaysforSure, doesn’t play for sure anymore (for sure)…


Here’s the bad news.It’s amazing that this has not been reported more widely in the press. After countless arguements that Microsoft’s DRM was the future, and you’d be mad to go with iTunes, now comes the news that puts Microsoft’s take on the user/provider firmly into sharp relief.Put simply; you know all that music that you spent your hard earned cash on from any one of a number of ‘PlaysForSure’ partner of Microsoft’s?Well, they want it back please and no, you don’t get your money back.Can someone please explain to me again, why Apple isn’t at 95% market share and companies like Microsoft at 5%?Why do Windows users put up with being slapped in the face constantly – do you think they actually like it?Can anyone really trust Microsoft again?I’m glad that all my online music purchases are from iTunes, because at least I know that Apple will still be around in 10 years time.It’s strange that back in the 90’s the ‘still being around in 10 years time’ was the reason given by a lot of IT Managers when giving a reason for choosing Windows over the Mac.How times have changed, it’s a pity a lot of IT managers haven’t.


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