You have got to be kidding me…

Vista sux

Courtesy of Macfixit, via Psystar support:

“We absolutely do not support customers attempting to install the Leopard operating system on our Open Computer themselves. This is due to a difficult process that we go through to get Leopard to function on our computers. We encourage you to purchase an open computer, and select the option to have Leopard Pre-installed.”

Of course, the reader asked what options were available in the event of a major system failure requiring Leopard reinstallation, to which Psystar suggested a return shipment to the company.

“Currently, (shipping the computer back to us) is the only option available. If the HDD dies, you can ship it to us for $50 plus shipping, so we can replace it for you.”

Yeah, these Psystar systems seem like very good value.

And people complain that you have to send your iPod/iPhone back to Apple to change the battery?

For chrissakes, buy a second-hand Mac for $400, or put your friggin’ hand in your pocket and buy a Mac, everyone else is doing so:


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  1. wafflejuice

    I don’t know which is more absurd, the fact that a company like Psystar “exists” or that Mac forums and blogs have been flooded by pro-Psystar astroturfing. People who get absolutely red-faced if you present them with the mounting evidence that Psystar is a sham and reply with calls of “fanboy” and “Kool-Aid drinker”. They throw around anti-Apple talking points like “Macs are overpriced” and “Apple is greedy” and stir up resentment over that $18 billion Apple reportedly has in the bank. They cheer Psystar on to “force” Apple to adopt the business model of Dell (cheap commodity boxes with razor-thin margins) or MS (selling an OS to all commodity box makers). What I’ve been most surprised by are the amount of regulars on Mac sites that are agreeing with them (although they mostly fall into the “I use Macs but I’m better than the rest of you because I’m not a blinded fanboy” types). Maybe one day you could do a post about how the Mac community has changed…Mac forums used to be an oasis from the Mac-bashing of general tech forums, now you get just as much spreading of anti-Apple FUD in those places as anywhere else by people who want to prove they’re “objective”.

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