Apple buys a chip company… wait… what!?


PA Semiconductor

Click this, as it’s quite a good read.

With all the furore over Apple slowly becoming a software company, (put about by those pundits with an ulterior motive to see Apple’s demise), can we all just now state categorically that Apple is first and foremost a hardware company?

Just how much ‘hardware-like’ can you get – they’ve just purchased a chip company for goodness sakes.

Admittedly, this purchase is to do with the iPhone, but I think it shows how much Apple holds the ‘make the whole widget’ approach central to its strategy.

Today the iPhone, but I can see this purchase fueling innovation and invention in the Apple-branded mobile gadget area for decades to come.

There’s a few thing that are certain; nobody saw this coming, most won’t understand its significance, and most clueless industry experts will wonder what the heck Apple are playing at, isn’t everybody touting ‘software services’ as the future way to make money?

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not comment on our purposes and plans,” said Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. 

Stock price will probably go down as well. Guaranteed.

Also, expect Microsoft to purchase a chip company in the next 12 months, once Apple’s investment begins to bear fruit, but completely mishandle the entire process, making both companies worse off than before.

Apple continue to surprise me, and baffle Windows-centric PC pundits.



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