We’ve reached 21% (10% worldwide) – so it’s plan B…



I’ve spoken in previous article’s how Apple’s plan to completely dominate the computing landscape is well underway.

Various initiatives such as the move to Intel, the fleshing out of Apple’s software, the iPod and iPhone halo effect, are all part of their plan, and that plan is going very well.

21% consumer market share and 10% worldwide is nothing to sniff at – we’re winning the war against the great unwashed PC masses.

They, for various reasons, continue to stick with the outdated model of proprietary OS on open hardware, but constantly complain about the shortcomings of that model – it’s reliability.

Although we’re making great strides, this dinosaur will be difficult to kill, too many people’s jobs, lives and whole personalities are propped up by the Windows monopoly.

They have tried in the past to discourage the ignorant masses from choosing the Mac, but those reasons are becoming more difficult to justify.

The Windows OS, is not getting any better with each release – indeed quite the opposite, and they couldn’t care less about Vista.

The Windows OS, is still prone to viruses and malware and they’re fed up of constantly having to call their geeky friend or pay through the nose for an expert to fix their PC.

They have however noticed that the Mac OS, just gets better and better.

More of their (non-geeky) friends are recommending it.

They’ve been to an Apple store and been very impressed.

And guess what? They are ignoring their geeky friends advice and actually buying a Mac.

In the eyes of those whose very existence depend on the Windows monopoly continuing ad infinitum, this cannot continue, but the old tricks aren’t working anymore.

And so we come to plan B.

Call in all the favours, gather in all the shills, and start planting stories of companies switching away from the Mac – astroturfing, something that Microsoft are very good at.

So, please don’t click on this link, your life will not be any the richer because of it. Just see it for what it is.

The dinosaur to getting scared and is finally starting to contemplate a future that doesn’t include it’s influence.

Expect lots more articles such as this to follow…

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