In response to this pile of drivel…


  Think before you click please  Every reason over the years that stood in the way of a Windows user to switch has been shot down. Can’t find anywhere to buy Mac’s? – Sorted with the new Apple Stores. Mac’s use non-standard chips – sorted with Intel. Mac’s haven’t got the exact software I need – sorted with dual booting or full-speed emulation. No games – PC’s are on the way out for gaming, buy an XBox/PS3/Wii. No, there’s only one thing left to shoot down, and that’s the army (and I mean ARMY), of Windows IT support people who still, to this day, recommend Windows over the Mac. We’re making some inroads with these morons and some are seeing the light, but we’ve only scratched the surface and there’s a long way to go. I feel that we’ll have to wait until the die-hards retire or drop dead through over prolonged exposure to Stockholme Syndrone until we see the tipping point and Apple’s 1/2 point increases in market share start to accelerate.


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