OK, I might buy an iPhone, if…


I firmly stand in the, ‘I’d rather have several devices each doing tasks well, rather than 1 device that does several tasks badly’ camp. This is the main reason why I’ve never bought an iPhone and never will. I’m also, a ‘pay as you go’ guy as well, but that’s another reason and another argument. I once owned (for my sins) a Palm M130. I have vivid memories of trying, time and time again to fit this device into my life, until, just like Steve Jobs said, I left it in a drawer and forgot about it.I have an iPod however (3 in fact). I don’t need to say, that it’s a perfect MP3 player, it has no equal. But I don’t use it to read text documents, look up contacts or appointments. It just doesn’t do these things well.But I do have a mobile phone. A cheap, pay as you go, Motorola L6. And, of course, it’s awful, the interface is illogical to the point of inducing anger, the shortcut keys take so long to get to it’s quicker to actually USE YOUR BRAIN AND TYPE THE FECKING NUMBER, and the battery life stinks.Considering all this however, I would be willing to buy an Apple branded mobile phone to replace the L6 if it had these specs:1) It’s not a smartphone. I don’t want or need to carry my life in my pocket, I have a brain for that.2) Touchscreen? I think it would have to have this. 3)  Camera? Not really important, but OK let’s include it (2-3MP is fine), with the ability to download these pics to iPhoto as well.4) Address book, contacts and notes that sync up (via Bluetooth) with Address Book, iCal & Stickies. This syncing is 2-way, so the phone must have the ability to input simple info. (Should be fun on the small screen, but that’s why I said simple).5) Email? Not interested. Life is stressful enough.6) Internet? Not practical on such a small screen, don’t want it anyway.7) Unbelievable, incredible, game-changing battery life – we’re talking weeks here, not days.8) It must look exactly like the old iPod Nano, black, with a black screen.9) I am morally and spiritually against contract phones – it must be pay as you go.Basically I’m after a standard, mid range Apple branded mobile. Do I think Apple will ever make one? I hope so. This entry-level iPhone Nano would be a good gateway drug to the more expensive iPhone.Except in my case of course, because I would never buy one.Now, the iPod touch with a 3rd party VOIP client (once the SDK is released), THAT’S a different matter entirely. 


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