The sticker car (sorry I mean guy)…


So Bob Keef was the guy who, faced with the chance to ask Steve Jobs any question, anything whatsoever decides to ask why it is that Apple’s beautifully designed, amazing looking, sleek, fine-lined range of computers aren’t covered in advertising stickers á la Chick Hicks from Pixar’s great movie ‘Cars’.Leaving aside the obvious observations that the character Chick Hicks is a souless piece of engineering with no finer points to his personality other than cold hard commercial greed (a bit like company’s who make computers that are covered in stickers), does this not totally sum up the gulf that divides those people who ‘get’ Apple and what they are trying to do and say, and those that don’t?To see him capitulate and squirm online over the reaction, makes good reading, but he really, really does not understand, not even a glimmer of a faint whisper of a hope grasp, what all the fuss is about.Steve really shouldn’t have given this question the time of day, his response really should have been, “Isn’t it obvious?” but I guess he had to say something.However the most succinct way to explain all this is with the Cars analogy. Look at the following to pictures of 2 characters in the Cars movie. After giving it some thought, which would you like to be seen driving?


The car on the right may sell to those either forced to buy it, or who have no taste (PC users), but the car on the left is the sane choice.The car on the left may not be a best seller – but I know which one I would like to drive.


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