Nice to see my predictions coming true…


I while back I wrote an article called, “Where is Steve Jobs going with this?” which outlined the directions Apple may/will to take over the next couple of years, specifically, why the moved to Intel and whether they were moving to Windows.The conclusion I wrote for this article was as follows…6) Apple then encourages them to switch by offering incentives that mean they must boot into the Mac, such as movie store that is tied into .Mac. (You would stream the movies from your account, to your Mac, but only if you run OS X), and by pushing the benefits of iLife, buy releasing new hardware, iPod related devices that leverage iLife, such as the iPhone. More controversially, they would either cancel iTunes for Windows, or make an enhanced version for Mac users. BootCamp users would not have a problem here, it would encourage them to boot more into the Mac.With this in mind, I read recently of a rumour from LoopRumors, that states the following…iPhone integration is also a major feature that was left out of Jobs’ presentation. When he showcased Leopard, the iPhone was not yet announced. We now learn that the iPhone runs a scaled down version of Leopard. And because Apple expects the iPhone to be more popular than the iPod, we can expect several enhancements in Leopard that tie in to the iPhone. We reported that Apple is still developing a mystery application for the iPhone that won’t be released until the phone’s release. This application could run independently from the computer, or have a direct tie in to Leopard. Although Apple offers the iPhone for both PC and Macs, some Leopard specific features are said to be installed in the iPhone, to help ‘switch’ users to the Macintosh platform.Note the central premise that Apple would release hardware that would switch users to the platform. This is made easier for those users that have Intel Mac’s, but who’ve installed Windows on them. This is another reason for them to switch to the Mac platform.Let’s hope that my predictions continue, the bit about Xcode being able to, at the touch of a tick box, be able to compile for Windows would be very interesting indeed.


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