A tale of 2 internets – update…


Well the Brother DCP155C arrived and is currently sitting next to my iBook, working fine.As you may know, the journey to this point wasn’t easy.My first choice of retailer to buy this product from (PC World), would not let me buy this product, because of incompatibilities with their website in conjunction with a Mac. I sent an email complaint, but guess what? I’ve had no reply. No doubt it was deleted immediately by the Windows-biased support staff.After finding a retailer who did want to sell me the product (Amazon), I also found that the company used to ship the item’s website (Parcel Force UK), also did not work with Mac’s. I also have received no reply from their complaints department as to why. I’m not at all surprised.But now that the all-in-one printer is here, I’m very pleased with it.Upon opening, and finding that all the documentation was not in English, I had to resort to reading the installation instructions from the CD. Not too much of a problem, but a minor hiccup. Upon reading, I realised that the printer driver was a CUPS based driver, and the scanner was TWAIN based.What does this mean? Well basically I won’t have to rely on third party software to print or scan, it’s all compatible with Printer Set-Up and Image Capture.This is great news because when an Apple update occurs, most likely the all-in-one will still work without needing a separate update. It’s also compatible with Airport Express, so when I do buy that, I’ll be able to print wirelessly.The cartridges are also pretty cheap – £8.00 each, and the photo-quality prints are really good.The other capability of the printer is a built-in card reader. This allows you to print off pictures from a digital camera without plugging it into a computer. A great side effect to this is the 5-in-one card slot, also acts as a card reader, so when you put your card in, if your Mac is connected, it appears on the Mac desktop and automatically imports the pictures into iPhoto.The scanner can also be used as a photocopier, again, not needing to be attached to the Mac to do this.All-in-all I cannot praise this all-in-one enough, you get a printer, scanner, card reader & photocopier for £50.00 – a bargain.It’s a pity that I couldn’t have got this from PC World, but hey, it’s their loss not mine. I can certainly see that I will be avoiding PC World in the future.


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