Illogical arguements…


A recent posting at ‘The Motley Fool” has irked my logic alarm. It’s an aspect of the iPod & iTS arguement that I still don’t understand. The article is here: centres around Apple and Intel, but leaving that aside, I was peturbed by this statement:”I’m a big fan of open standards myself, and would be happy to see Apple’s closed platform opened up so I could buy songs through iTunes and play them on my Creative Zen media player. “I really don’t understand the logic here. If you have a Creative Zen media player, why would you want to buy a song from the iTunes store, when:1: It’s not compatible with your player, and:2: THE EXACT SAME SONG IS AVAILABLE ON COUNTLESS OTHER MUSIC STORES THAT ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE ZEN.Why would you demand of Apple to open up the iTS? Are the songs different in any way? No, they’re not, so what’s his problem?Aah, I see – his problem is DRM.OK, so why pick on Apple?DRM is present in every digital music store because the record labels want it this way – get over it, DRM exists and will exist whether you like it or not.Your only solace is that you must choose the DRM with the weakest DRM – Apple.This article is a coded attack against Apple’s dominance. He’s discouraging his readers from buying Apple, so that every geeks favourite company – Microsoft – can overrule us all with the Zune, with much more draconian DRM that will enslave us all.


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