Is Bill Gates trying to re-invent himself..?


I’ve just read David Pogue’s blog concerning Bill Gates at: cannot begin to write how much I disagree with his point of view – here’s a quote from it: “In fact, when you step back far enough, Mr. Gates’s entire life arc suddenly looks like a 35-year game of Robin Hood, a gigantic wealth-redistribution system on a global scale.”All very nice, but he wasn’t stealing from the rich to give to the poor, he was stealing from me (I’m not rich), and all the other poor suckers that have had dozens of PC’s over the years, running buggy, second-rate hacked together code.This buggy code has allowed him to release, year-after-year, an OS that is a magnet for malware, spyware, viruses etc, which in turn has funded drug barons & terrorists worldwide, AND IT IS HIS FAULT.Giving away your wealth to help the poor is to be commended, but let’s not forget what this guy has done in the past before he was ‘reborn’.His fifth rate OS has created more wealth for the evil people in this world than he has made for himself. No wonder he feels guilty.This has nothing to do with him anyway, it’s his wife that has encouraged him to do it. He’s still the scummy little geek he always was, he’s now just a scummy little geek, who got lucky, and then guilty.


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