Apple Launches ‘Get a Mac’ TV Ad Campaign…

Get a Mac

Excellent, I like the virus one. When Vista comes out they need another one, exactly the same format, but with the PC guy wearing a colourful clown hat and loud tie.

Dialog could be:

PC Guy: “Hi, I’m a Mac”
Mac Guy: “Hi, I’m a Mac…. what?”
PC Guy: “Yeah sure, look I have this great hat, and really fashionable tie”
Mac Guy: “Erm, there’s a little bit more to it than that”
PC Guy: “Well of course, I also have these amazing devices that prevent me from getting an infection, look, I’ll switch them on”
Mac Guy: “Nothing’s happened”
PC Guy: “What?”
Mac Guy “I said nothing’s happened”
PC Guy: “Sorry can’t hear you, it’s not configured properly, let me try this…”
PC Guy collapses to floor, and immediately gets up again, saying “No I’m fine, fine, just great”
Mac Guy “So what’s changed?”
PC Guy “Sorry, can’t speak to you without the correct password”
Mac Guy “What?”
PC Guy “Thanks, OK are you sure you want to talk to me?”
Mac Guy “Well no, not really”
PC Guy “Are you really sure?”
Mac Guy “Go on then”
PC Guy “Thankyou.” He then sneezes and collapses on to floor.
Immediately 10 IT guys turn up and carry him away and replace him with an exact replica.
PC Guy “Hi, I’m a Mac”
The Mac Guy puts his iPod on.

These ads are a great metaphor, and communicate a complex topic easily and humorously.


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